I remember as kids my sister and I desperately wanted the board game called Cluedo.  You might remember it.  Through a series of throws of the dice, luck, chance and smarts, you had to determine the circumstances of the crime – the who, the where and the what of the murder.  Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick?

We nagged and nagged our parents, but they stayed staunch in their resolve – “save up your pocket money and buy it yourselves”.  Our pocket money at the time was meagre – even for the early 80’s – so it took us AGES to save up.  But we decided that was what we wanted to have. So we saved. And saved. And saved and eventually it was time to go to Toyworld.

Handing over the cash happened in a dream.  We could barely wait to get back home to crack plastic wrap on the box.  Mmmmmmm the smell of fresh playing cards.

We felt like we had won the lottery!  We were rockstars!  Only special friends were allowed to play with our game – ones that we knew would give it the respect that it deserved.

30 plus years on, that game is still in mint-like condition.  Even though I haven’t played the game in a really REALLY long time – I still feel pride that we achieved what seemed an insurmountable goal.

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