Home schooling

We’re SUPER PROUD to partner with the Home Education Association, a not-for-profit charity, to support more than 1,100 parents and families who choose to home-school their children.

We offer generous 30% discounts to HEA members for our online confidence, Covid and Quarantine wellbeing programs and 10% discounts on our wellbeing products.

Anita recognises that home schooling is sometimes the best option for students with challenges around confidence, anxiety and low self-esteem, or for families that don’t want a mainstream education for their children.

Anita has supported more than 5,000 young people over lockdown and has recently been recognised by the International Education Association of Australia with an Excellence in Innovation award, for her proactive, preventative and fun programs and courses.

Confidence Courses

Our online confidence courses provide short, digestible content that are family friendly and full of simple and powerful human behaviour tools. 30% discount for HEA members

Covid Wellbeing

Build the human behaviour, resilience and wellbeing skills for now… and their future.  Just 15 minutes a day, including fun daily dancing activity! 30% discount for HEA members

Wellbeing Products

Our Mindset Magic and Positive Postcards provide bright, fun rewards and solutions to everyday challenges.. and get 10% off as a HEA member!

1:1 & Group Coaching

Personal or group coaching sessions by Anita provide life-changing impact to young people (and parents) to manage life better.

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