People I work with want their life extraordinary

I help you to focus on where YOU want to go in your work/business, relationships or life, and work with you to create it, using proven techniques.

As your Confidence Hacker partner, I’ll be your guide to help you to navigate the ups and downs to create your life extraordinary.

How does it all work?

It’s a simple process.
1. We have a quick chat to see if and how I can help you
2. I make a recommendation to move forward
3. If you accept, then we schedule in our first session


YES – absolutely – full stop.

7 reasons why

  1. Because you want a life extraordinary too.
  2. Because you’re tired of either faking it, or wishing, waiting and hoping that things will get better (even though you know that they won’t by themselves).
  3. Because you want accelerated awesomeness – not the same old, same old.
  4. Because you know that life without taking those educated risks, is only a half life.
  5. Because even with all of the ‘shelf development’ (that treasure-trove of books, downloads, podcasts and resources), you’re still stuck on the same treadmill existence.
  6. Because by now you thought you’d be living a different life – but you’re not.
  7. Because if not now, then when… and if not you, then who?

Let’s have a chat.

What is coaching?

Ask any coach and they will tell you this:

Coaching is a conversation like no other.

A coach’s job is to help you overcome fear and self-doubt.

As a Confidence Hacker I deliver clever solutions to the tricky problem of low self confidence.

My most important job for you is to help you close the gap between where you are now and who you want to be in the future, much faster than you can by yourself.

Together, we do this in several ways:

  • By removing your attachment to the stories you tell yourself
  • By calling out your ‘bullshit’ and finding ways that you can
  • By helping you become much more resilient, to roll with the punches
  • By helping you to stop the people pleasing, the guilt and shame, the overthinking, the second guessing, the anxiety and so much more

Is coaching therapy, counselling or mentoring?

The short answer. No.

Here’s why. People seeking therapy and/or counselling usually have a problem stemming from a specific incident, condition or trauma.

A coaching client may have have no experience of these. Many clients are successful, fulfilled people already and they are now looking to raise the bar, experience even more success and become more effective at what they already do well.

In my experience, a counsellor helps their ‘patient’ to talk about their feelings.  They ask a lot of “and how did that make you feel” questions… For me it got kinda boring when I wasn’t seeing real change.

My experience of psychology was in treating the depression I experienced preceding my divorce.  They helped me move out of the depths of the depression, but not further… and honestly I wanted more than just not being depressed.  I wanted a life extraordinary, not just a mediocre existence.

A mentor has some similarities to a coach with one fundamental difference. A mentor the person that tells you what to do, and so you go do it, based on their experience.

A typical coaching session

Firstly – there isn’t one. No two people are the same, so no two coaching sessions are either. Many people are a bit nervous about their first coaching session… sweaty palms, tight chest, you know the drill, and that’s OK.  Becoming a legend (some people call them clients) is not for the faint of heart… Delving into what you might see as the murky depths can seem frightening.

Which is exactly why it’s so vital to do this with someone who can guide you, who can help shine a light in places you never even knew existed, so that you can start to see the beauty that lies within rather than relying on the external validation that so often drives us.

Let’s chat. Book your complimentary 30min chat here

A little history about coaching

Until the late 80’s, there were some people who’d go to see either a psychotherapist or an analyst to help them overcome a specific problem such as giving up smoking or beating depression.

It was soon discovered that a lot of these “patients” didn’t have a “condition”– they just felt that their lives were a little off balance. Some therapists started to deal solely with these clients and this branched off into a new industry known as Life Coaching.

Today there are thousands of coaches in the world. Coaches help people get better results, understand what they really want and why they do the things that they do so that they can do them differently, all to create a life extraordinary.


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