what we will do

People want coaching for lots of different reasons…

I help you to focus on where YOU want to go in your life, and work with you to create it, busting through blockages to create happiness, fulfillment and love.

My role as a coach is to be your tour guide, to help you to navigate life’s up and downs. Lots of people know exactly what they don’t want, not so many what they do.  I will help you to get comfortable with working out where you want to go so that we can make it a reality, together.

How does it all work?

Coaching is mostly done over the phone, or via Skype, so there is little down time for you.  Session generally run for about an hour.
However, they are sometimes combined in to a two hour session.
Mostly fortnightly, but sometimes monthly.
It depends on what YOU need, because my coaching is all about you.

Is it confidential?

YES – absolutely.  I will never pass on information to another party about you.  Part of the trust that I provide is that guarantee.

Why should I work with you?

I know that you are wondering, and it’s a good thing to wonder, because that means that you’ve already considered how important prioritising you is

The learnings, insights and understandings that you will take from coaching with me are things that will stay with you forever.  They are things that you can instill in your kids as well.  Just imagine what having some really cool ‘life tools’ would mean to them?

Or even better, imagine how you being a true example of confidence, excellence and motivation, with freedom from stress and fear would change your communication and relationships with them and everyone, absolutely everyone around you?

So as you’re here, reading this, it really starts to sink in just how important looking after you actually is.Because you is more than just you, isn’t it?

Mostly we should work together because you’re worth it.  Because it’s your time to shine.  Because this one decision will change the course of your life. Make the decision.  Let’s have a chat.

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