I put the ‘personal’ in personal coaching

because that’s the way it should be, right?

I’m all about delivering clever solutions to the tricky problem of low self confidence, to help anyone create their life extraordinary.

People talk all the time that they wish they had the guts to do this or that… to quit the job they hate and start their own gig, to leave the shitty relationship, to go on holidays somewhere unexpectedly cool, to take the risk, to back themselves, to stand up and be heard.

I saw it in every job that I did too, from working with the most innovative people who downplayed their smarts, to the most well meaning and burned out charity worker, to the executives battling to keep the family together while wondering every day if they’ll be found out as the fraud they see themselves as.

Honestly, it was my story too… I was the shyest person in the universe (and the most scared!). Being ‘seen’ would get me sweating, so I never put a hand up, never offered a suggestion, never even tried anything that I might fail at… And then one day – an epiphany. By me being this self-conscious I was missing out on others… and they were missing out on me!

I knew there had to be ways of better ways of learning to be a more confident human, so that I could achieve more. So over 10 plus years, I learned the fast (2 steps forward), the slow (one step forward) and the downright useless (3 steps -or more- backward) tools and thinking, so that instead of continuing to do a cha cha of personal development, I could actually do it accelerated.

It’s meant that I’ve now been able to travel solo to weird places (like couch surfing in Syria, Jordan & Egypt), meet incredible people in Iran, start up my own business (and actually stand up and promote it) and now as the Confidence Hacker I help hundreds of other people to do the same… to live a life extraordinary… 

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