about you

The people that I work with have things in common.

They have all been through ‘stuff”

They might have lost their confidence, which for many many plays out in different ways – shyness, limiting beliefs, crappy self talk, grief, people pleasing, anxiety and even phobias and depression…

They all want better for themselves and those around them, especially their kids and partners.

They know that they want to move to a life full of meaning, confidence and purpose.

They want to get past their ‘stuff’ to create outcomes that they can be proud of.

These are the people that I work with.  The ones who are ready to take responsibility for their actions and non-actions, for their results and non-results and are ready to be challenged to create a life on their own terms.

The ones who get it: if not now, when?  If not me, who?

To these people – let’s rock!

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They get and love the Manifesto of Awesomeness… and think it’s pretty awesome too!  Download it here