The people I work with have things in common.

They have all been through ‘stuff’ of varying degrees… some that you’d call ‘classically traumatic’ and some that is uniquely traumatic to the person.  No matter what scale you use, their worst thing is still THEIR worst thing, even if others might think it’s nothing.

They have all lost their confidence to varying degrees and for varying lengths of time.  For many it plays out as shyness, limiting beliefs, crappy self talk, grief, people pleasing, second guessing, the inability to make even a simple decision, mental (and physical) exhaustion, anxiety and even phobias, depression and more.

They all want better for themselves and those around them, especially their family and friends, but often feel somewhat of a fraud and imposter.

More please!

They know that they want to move to a life full of meaning, confidence and purpose. 

They want to get past their ‘stuff’ to create outcomes that they can be proud of.

They realise that if to be – it’s up to me is more than just a cute saying.

It’s my time

They’ve probably put themselves second (or millionth) for ages.. and now think that maybe, perhaps, possibly it’s time to start working out how to start shining, without apology! (if only they knew how to…)

They might even be ready to embrace ‘self love’ (even though it kinda also feels a bit selfish)


Mostly, they’ve decided that the conditioning of the past, from parents and others, is no longer the path that they want to continue on…

They want to heal from past hurts and not be held captive by them…

They want to embrace the power of their own truth, love, and freedom in ways that are truly authentic to them…

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