COVID-19 Wellbeing

One thing I know, after working with thousands of people, is that COVID-19 has both compressed AND magnified their existing struggles… stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, poor decision making, you name it…

The United Nations, in it’s Policy Brief: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health said… 

Mental health will remain a core concern even as countries emerge from the pandemic and embark on social and economic recovery

UN Policy Brief: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health

That’s why I’ve created two online Covid wellbeing courses:

1. to help manage the ‘Lockdown Meltdowns’ and Quarantine mental wellbeing

2. to prevent and manage the ‘Pandemic of  Panic’ and build resilience


– Punchy 15 minute lessons that keep everyone engaged

– Builds stress management, resilience and personal leadership skills

– Mobile-first platform – designed for ‘on the go’ or ‘on the couch’

– Uses proven therapeutic models

– Preventative and proactive wellbeing support

Workplace support

Providing preventative staff mental wellbeing is now easy, effortless and affordable; helping you fulfil your duty of care and delivering transformational resilience, stress management and anxiety-busting support… that’s actually fun, practical and useful now and in the long-term.

Family Support

The perfect family wellbeing and human behaviour program to build those vital resilience skills, manage fears and creating resourceful ways of being. Each self-contained 15-minute lesson builds on the next.  Watch the lessons all together, or parents can teach the kids.

Individual support

Managing fears doesn’t need to be big scary thing… these courses will help build the skills to gently stretch your comfort zone in a way that’s engaging and fun… and may also include the worst daggy dancing you’ve ever seen (spoiler alert: they totally include daggy dancing!)

The process was easy and just a breeze… I really didn’t have to do that much!

Tayla Brooks

Campus Living Villages

Great Course – loving it so far… It also has plenty of relevance beyond the pandemic

Matthew Cork

Founder, Tukr Snacks

You have to do it!…
you can see really big changes in your life

Riley Mai

The University of Melbourne

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