Anita loves engaging with groups, making wellbeing a fun and engaging POWERPOINT FREE thing to do for groups and workplaces.

Workshops include:

Making Confident Decisions

Making decisions is easy! said No. One. Ever… But decision-istas don’t have special magical powers… they just know the right questions to ask to make confident decisions every time… no matter the situation or decision. Learn the two-step decision making process (yes, you really can make good decisions in only 2 steps!)

Fabulously Fearless!

Scientist & Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

So, in this session we’ll be uncovering what creates fear and how we can move beyond it to create our Fabulously Fearless and positive future.

Why We Do Strange Things

Actually, nothing we do is strange!

Everything starts making more sense when you understand the six core human needs and connect them to what we (and those other ‘strange’ people) do…

and yes, it even explains #toiletpapergate!

Rattled to Radiant / Resilient

Resilience isn’t some magical gift endowed on the chosen few, it’s actually a skill you learn, so that you can roll with the punches that life (and COVID) keep throwing our way.

Resilient people are able to bounce back from setbacks and move forward, which sometimes means being ok with taking a step (or three) backwards.

Don’t Worry, Meme Happy!

Combining the joy of positive psychology with fun team building Don’t Worry, Meme Happy challenges teams to a ‘meme off’ by creating a meme around their best happiness hacks!

Perfect for teams up to 100!

Anita is also regularly teaches at Laneway Learning, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accessible learning for all, where for more than two years, she’s delivered powerful tools in decision making, positive psychology, resilience and more.

“This was my last online event, but it was one of the most outstanding for the nine months I have been holding weekly events.”
Kathy Edwards, Steppin’ Out Events

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