Together, you and I, will get to do some cool stuff…

Just like most things, you’ll probably feel way more scared before you start than once you’ve actually finished your first session (why do we always make things so much bigger in our heads?)

So I promise that we’ll take it at YOUR pace… but I definitely won’t let you bullshit yourself, so sometimes I’ll push you… mostly for important things – like truthfulness with yourself.

Some people want to know what will happen during a session with me… and that’s awesome, so here’s the low down.

How does it all work?

It’s a simple process.
1. First we have a quick chat to see if and how I can help you (which gives you another chance to check me out)
2. If we’re a match, then we book in for your next session

Is it Confidential?

YES – absolutely – full stop.

Why is (re)building my confidence important?

  1. Because you want a life extraordinary too.
  2. Because you’re tired of either faking it, or wishing, waiting and hoping that things will get better (even though you know that they won’t by themselves).
  3. Because you want accelerated awesomeness – not the same old, same old.
  4. Because you know that life without taking those educated risks, is only a half life.
  5. Because even with all of the ‘shelf development’ (that treasure-trove of books, downloads, podcasts and resources), you’re still stuck on the same treadmill existence.
  6. Because by now you thought you’d be living a different life – but you’re not.
  7. Because if not now, then when… and if not you, then who?
  8. Because your reason is important to you.

Will I cry?

We’ll be looking at and healing some things that will probably have deeply held emotions attached to them, so yes, that’s very likely.

I know each time I get coaching it comes with a release of tears… and after the initial ‘what’ moment, I now love that these tears help me know that I’m close to a breakthrough, and the truth that I’ve been trying to hide or ignore, and wash away the residue of guilt and shame for holding on for so long.

How long is a session?

Our initial chat will be about 20 minutes and is my gift… it’s to help you discover if we’re a good match.

After that standard sessions are 60 mins long. I always recommend that you leave some time (30-60 mins) after that for some relaxation time – where you can just ‘be’ without having to ‘do’ anything for anyone.

How many sessions do I need?

As many as you want… part of my coaching is to help you drive your own bus and be able to make confident decisions, so I’ll guide you through a process to help you work out when your next session should be… And if that means you don’t come back for a while (or ever), that’s cool too.

Because my coaching is all about YOU.

And I don’t lock you into packages – you just book one session at a time, because you should have freedom to pick and choose.

What things do you help with?

Wow – long list, because low confidence shows itself for different people in different ways… for me it was shyness, the feelings of not being good enough and hiding, for others it’s people pleasing or harsh self judgement, or sadness, grief and anxiety, or even an unfulfilling job, relationship or life (actually all of those were me too!).

For others is a weird feeling that they know (or are at least pretty sure) that they could be so much more than what they feel they are now… that some invisible bond is holding them back from their bigger purpose in life.

So if you’re ready to have an initial chat book in a time below…

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