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Creating Your Life Extraordinary takes more than bog standard thinking…

if it didn’t, everyone’s life would be already extraordinary.

So what is it that keep us swimming (drowning perhaps) in life mediocre instead?

Why do we give so much power and authority to that voice that say’s we can’t, we shouldn’t, we mustn’t… and ignore the voice that says we can?

Maybe it’s the same reason that we upgrade our phone and technology so easily and quickly, but never even stop to consider upgrading our own master system – our brain – the thing that controls all of our behaviours and decisions, 24/7.

Could it also be the same thing that stops us from saying hello to the stranger, applying for the job, or not taking the opportunities hiding as scary things that are right in front of us?

It’s funny how things happen – how people and situations come into our lives.  I believe we invite them, to help us make the changes we need, to think and be differently… and you know what happens when you don’t make the change? the situations get magnified and multiplied to make sure that we eventually have to do something, to heed the message and make the changes.

So we all get to decide – do I do it easy or hard? wait or act? red pill or blue? live life mediocre or live life extraordinary? and we get to choose in every second of every day.

Here’s your ‘this second’ choice… what will you choose?

What People Are Saying

“I can sum up Anita in one word… AMAZING!”
Nikki Wood

“This woman is brilliant… DO IT!”
Belinda Shaw

“I’m starting to like myself for the first time ever!”
Legend Client

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