95% of students are struggling with stress and anxiety…

As the founder of Confidence Hackers and Chief Confidence Hacker, Anita is passionate about helping young people learn the life skills they’ll need to finish their studies well and secure the jobs that they want.

PREVENTION is everything that Confidence Hackers stands for, because we (weirdly) still believe that an ounce of prevention is worth at least a pound of cure!

More than 5,000 students benefited from Anita’s workshops and events in 2020 alone!

Anita and Confidence Hackers have been announced as the 2021 International Education Association of Australia’s Excellence in Innovation Award winners for our proactive and preventative approach to student mental health challenges.

Confidence Hackers specialise in working with student high schools, university and tertiary education providers, student accommodation properties, boarding schools, graduate and internship employers as well as students directly.

Anita and her team of coaches nationally provide a range of service to help young people with the transition into adulthood, employment and beyond.

“Anita van Rooyen is an inspiration and the students all love her and the energy and enthusiasm she puts in to helping and supporting the international student community.”

Becky Blakeway – GM, Student Housing Company 

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