ROCK IT – Perform with Confidence

Learn How to ROCK IT In Everything You Do, Without Being Overcome with Nerves

This is the mindset course for the rest of us… the ones that wish we were more.

Perfect for high pressure performance, including dance, sports, business, interviews, auditions, exams, competitions etc.  Follow the mindset principals that Olympic athletes use to make the difference to their performance.

Elite athletes have been using mindset techniques and coaches for years… and they were mostly out of reach to ‘normal’ people… not any more!

Learn the techniques to upgrade your thinking to that of Olympic and World Champions to overcome your nerves and fears.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 lessons (approx 30+ mins each)

Course Instructor

Anita van Rooyen Anita van Rooyen Author

confidence coach who helps people make better decisions.. for themselves

Performance Confidence Course

1 year of access

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