Confidence Hackers

helping young people make better decisions... for themselves

95% of students are struggling with stress and anxiety…

As the founder of Confidence Hackers and Chief Confidence Hacker, Anita is passionate about helping young people learn the life skills they’ll need to finish their studies well and secure the jobs that they want.

PREVENTION is everything that Confidence Hackers stands for, because we (weirdly) still believe that an ounce of prevention is still worth a at least a pound of cure!

Confidence Hackers specialise in working with student accommodation properties, boarding schools, graduate and internship employers as well as students directly.  Anita and her team of coaches nationally provide a range of service to help young people with the transition into adulthood, employment and beyond.  For more info check out



Mindset Magic Cards are designed to help people build skills in managing happiness, stress and so much more!

Positive Postcards are simple ‘awesomeness reminders’ for pre-exams, to welcome and for those times when we need a little boost!

Workshops & Training

Our ‘Soft Skills for Job Readiness’ workshops and staff/student leaders human behaviour trainings are never tick-a-box, same-old-same-old year after year – because boring!

Topics include Networking for Success, Get Unstuck & Make Confident Decisions, Living Fearlessly, Balancing Study, Work, Life & Everything, Stress Less, Achieve More and How to Manage Difficult Conversations.

Personal Coaching

Premium offering of ‘Pop Up’ and ‘Residential Life Coaching’ mini 1:1 sessions (15-30 mins each – total session time 90 mins) focusing on preventative strategies and tools rather than crisis management.

Longer 1:1 coaching sessions available for staff and young people to manage confidence challenges (which may show up in the form of ranting self talk, the ‘not good enoughs’, imposter syndrome, cockiness and more… 

Confidence Hackers Plus

Confidence Hackers PLUS is a special service curated by Confidence Hackers to help you serve your students better… without all the run around (cos we do it for you!)

We find providers that match our mission of helping young people make better decisions for themselves… and bring them to your door.

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