Life Extraordinary all the way baby!

YAY! and woo hoo for you! That’s RAD! If you’re ready already, let’s chat.

But just so you know, Life Extraordinary is not for the faint of heart… it takes courage to even take a step towards it… but I know that you’ve done courage before, so you know that feeling of uncertainty or nervousness you might be feeling right about now, let’s for a moment pretend that it’s actually excitement instead (btw – your body can’t tell the difference – it’s only your brain that decides which one it is)…

Go ahead – check me out

I know that you’ll probably want to do all sorts of research, get reviews and testimonials, so that you’ll know exactly what it is that this means, so cool – knock yourself out… there’s my whole website and Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter and Google world for you to check out.

You’ll probably get so much extraordinary and useful info that you’ll feel like you don’t actually need to do anything else… except you also probably won’t use much of it, and the stuff that you do use, you’ll have to rely on your memory to make it happen (big mistake, most days you can’t even remember where your keys are).

If not now then when?… if not you then who?

Hey, don’t worry Life Extraordinary has been waiting for you since forever and I guess it can keep waiting, I mean who want’s Life Extraordinary anyway?

Except, the alternative is Life Mediocre – and you’ve already been there for AGES, and it’s so… mediocre, average, same-same. I’m bored already so here’s the list of other similar words you might use.

Chat time?

So, if you’ve decided that Life Mediocre actually does suck and Life Extraordinary really could be pretty extraordinary, then next step is to chat to me. I’ll ask you some questions over the phone (or using some technology) and then tell you what I think are the next best steps for us to take for you. The you decide if that’s right for you and then we make it all happen. Oh and somewhere in among all that, there’s ‘paperwork’ and you pay for my services.


If you’re more a DIY kinda person, you’ll be able to get closer to Life Extraordinary by hooking on to my online courses. Closer, because courses can only cover general sorts of stuff, not your specific kind of stuff. In any case closer is better than not, and built in to the course platform is a place to ask questions and get feedback, so you’re not totally left out in Siberia.

Or you might want to start with (or gift) Mindset Magic Cards – super cute sets of 30 cards that have solutions to everyday problems, like anxiety, making confident decisions, dealing with overwhelm and so much more!

So go ahead stalk me, check me out and then let’s chat hey?

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