You are being watched

Confession time.  I’ve nicked stationery from work.

Pens, notepads, plastic pockets, sticky notes… ahh sticky notes.  Other stuff too, I’m sure, but I’m not willing to make a full confession here and now.  I’m pleading the fifth.  Oh hold on – that only works in the US…

I’ve done it sneaky, quietly, hoping like hell that no one has seen me do it.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like being a Kardashian, or the Beeeeeb – always in the eye of the paparazzi.  They can’t get
away with shit.  And if they try (a la Hugh Grant’s arrest for lewd behaviour in 1995) they are again splashed all over the media, having to publicly defend themselves – forever.  Poor Hugh has had that around his neck – like the sign for his mug shot – for 20 plus years.  And we still bring it up.

Living life as if you are in the public eye all the time keeps you honest.  If I had known that I was being watched, do you think that I would have snaffled that sticky tape? (oh bugger – the list continues).  It also keeps you…nice.  Wanna have drunken photos – legs akimbo, panda face make up – splashed around for your parents or grand parents to see?  I can imagine them down at the senior citizens centre telling everyone how proud they are of you, your grubby photos all over the front page.  Feel comfortable with that?  Ummmm – perhaps not.  Living with your own internal paparazzi (I don’t mean selfies here people) helps guide you to what you want to see – of yourself.

Live better.  Live like a Kardashian – sort of.  But just the part about the public eye – maybe not the rest.

What wouldn’t you do that you currently ‘get away with’ if you lived like you were in the public eye?

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