Bulk Positive Exam Postcards – from just 28c each!

Encourage your students and remind them of their awesomeness with these positive postcards, created specifically for exam time.

Perfect for ‘sneaky’ welfare check by using a sticker to name a card for each resident and deliver by RAs or pick up, as a potential ‘red flag’ for depression etc.

Sold in sets of 100 – 10 cards x 10 designs.

Buy now with your credit card or email anita@anitavanrooyen.com for invoice

Custom logo printing available (minimum numbers apply)
(postage for Australian address only)

1 pack of 100 (inc postage)


2 packs of 100 (inc postage)


3 packs of 100 (inc postage)


4 packs of 100 (inc postage)


5 packs of 100 (inc postage)


buy 6 get 7 packs of 100 (inc postage)


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