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At Confidence Hackers we believe (weirdly) that an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure (or should that be a gram and kilogram?)… so we help young people navigate through study, life and beyond by giving them the tools and skills to make better decisions for themselves.

We are driven to do this because:

- 26% of 18-24 yos have mental ill-health in any year
- 64% of students with mental ill-health withdrew from their studies
- 20% of students were too embarrassed to ask for mental well-being help
- 25% of young females feel anxious and the number of young males feeling anxious has doubled in the last 3 years
- 67% reported their mental well-being to be low or poor

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= Suicide is the leading underlying cause of death for young people
= 250,000 students in Australia are struggling with mental ill-health
= Twice the number of students are experiencing poor mental health than poor physical health
= 64% of students with mental ill-health withdraw from study
= 20% of young people are too embarrassed to ask for help
= 25% of young women are anxious
= Depression is continuing to increase in young people
= 26% of young people have mental ill-health in any given year

We’ve even written a white paper called Mental Well-Being of Students: The Shocking Facts to help your boss understand how big the problem is, what can be done to reduce it and why they need to take some responsibility for making it happen… #yourewelcome

We believe that it should be easy and effortless for anyone to arrange, promote and have mental health and resilience programs and services delivered, no matter where you are.

And just like the first (and second) rule of Fight Club, we do not talk about ‘mental health’​ – cos it’s too much of a turn off and way too scary for young people.

And that a one-size offering will never fit everyone, cos really, has it ever?

And that being talked ‘at’​ (or worse, down to) is so 2007.

And that anything you have to ‘go away and research’​ for it to be useful – well, it’s just not useful.

And that technology can be an ally for doing cool stuff for young people that feel intimidated doing things in groups.

And that ego and judgement are dumb – so we’ll do what it takes, including animal sounds, daggy dancing and making total fools of ourselves to get our message across – because the tragic aftermath of permanent solutions to temporary problems is much worse than any possible embarrassment we might feel.

And lastly, that anyone who has young people in their care or employ has a bigger responsibility to them than just a roof over their head or a pay packet.

That’s what we believe… and it drives everything we do.

“We hosted Anita at Journal and she had an immediate positive impact on our residents. Her content is presented in a fun and engaging manner, whilst also creating a safe space for students to share their experiences. We will definitely be incorporating Anita into our programming in the future.”

Rachel Olsen |Student Life Director | Journal Student Living

All students and young people, but especially students living away from home are particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health. Being distanced from the support networks of family, friends, pets, routines and the certainty of everything ‘known’ creates additional stress and pressure points.

So we serve student accommodation providers (and their staff), universities, high schools, sporting clubs, graduate programs, and anyone that works with young people, in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s what some of our attendees said about Confidence Hackers workshops…

We provide a range of specialist products and services so that the young people in your care can learn how to make better decisions for themselves, so that you can get on with doing what is in your genius zone.

We make things EASY and EFFORTLESS to organise with our 2020 Confidence Hackers packages
or design your own… mix and match YOUR way using the elements below…
and then contact us for pricing…

We have three main offerings:

Residential Life Coaching

Residential life coach program – Personal attendance by a Confidence Hackers branded coach to proactively approach your students providing immediate, actionable and manageable advice and guidance to reduce stress and keep it real.

Attendance during pre-exam stress time and at Welcome Parties is especially recommended.

Pop up coaching is ideal for properties that want to offer premium 1:1 mini personalised well-being coaching sessions to their residents. Independent from university and confidential.

Individual 15 or 30 minute ‘pop up coaching sessions’ for total of 90 mins.
Personal extended 1:1 coaching also available (confidential and independent from uni)

Better Decisions Workshops. On site workshops. Topics include networking to get ahead, dealing with conflict, vision board making, overcoming parental paralysis, dealing with exam stress, creating healthy relationships and making senses of your random behaviour. We provide all of the promo material for social media, posters etc.

Interactive, fun and useful – definitely not ‘let me talk at you’. 60-90 mins

Daily Facebook Lives. NEW! Innovative delivery of the ‘Better Decisions Workshops’ content.

Each workshop is presented over a week of short 10 minute-ish Facebook Lives. Bite sized pieces that can be accessed at any time with numbers of views available for reporting.

1. ‘YOU STINK! and Other Difficult Conversations’ teaches leaders how to have those difficult conversations EARLY, so they don’t become bigger problems later.
2. ‘The Multiple Personalities of Students’ teaches how to easily identify the four different types of students (and humans in general) so that you can have better, more influential conversations.

Stand alone practical workshops or as our gift as part of a 2020 Confidence Hackers package!

Mindset Magic card packs are decks of 30 fully customisable and brandable colourful cards that provide tips and tools on managing stress, study and life better.

Perfect for welcome packs or stress-less or RU OK events.

Positive Exam Postcards – drop one into each mailbox before exams for a much needed little pep up and awesomeness reminder.
Positive Welcome Postcards – left on the bed of new arrivals, these cards say “we’re glad you’re here with us”.
Positive Anyday Postcards – for the times you need to boost the spirits and say what can’t be said.
Blank for your message or custom printed. 10 different kinds in each pack.

We operate in most locations around Australia, or contact us for other delivery options such as webinar or custom branded online courses/apps etc.

Just like you don’t get a six pack by going to the gym once, resilience and mental well-being training shouldn’t be a once a year offering. We make it super simple for you by taking care of everything, so you can get back to doing the stuff that you’re actually meant to be doing!

We can also arrange 1:1 or small group mental well-being, confidence and resilience coaching for your staff.

“The feedback was that the session was great “

Wade Hurst | Residential Life Manager | UniLodge Park Central – Brisbane

International, regional and rural students transitioning out of home, away from parents, friends and everything known are particularly susceptible to poor mental health and the stigma (and fear) of using university services.

With close to twice as many students experiencing poor mental health than are experiencing poor physical health, and two-thirds of students reporting psychological distress, looking after the mental well-being of young people is not a nice to have, it’s imperative.

You can be the difference that makes the difference to the mental well-being of the young people in your care…

So to help you get things across the line (because bosses, right?) we’ve written a white paper that talks about how important this stuff is. You can download it here (it’s got an executive summary to make it nice and easy for them too!)

Phone Anita (the Chief Confidence Hacker) on 0437 075 593 to discuss your needs. I promise we’ll make it easy and effortless for you.

  • NEW! Creating Healthy Relationships:
    • Identify Toxic Relationships with anyone
    • De-tox from the drama
  • Exam Stress KO:
    • What makes an exam-pion and how mindset impacts success and results
    • How to change up the ranting self-talk that smashes exam confidence
  • Network Your Way to Success (aka how to make friends FAST)
    • How even the shyest person in the world can learn to make friends with almost anyone
    • Secret hacks to feel more confident
  • Get Unstuck and Make Confident Decisions
    • Beat overwhelm and stress and stay motivated
    • Help you make decisions easily and effortlessly when you’re stuck
  • Conflict Crusher
    • How to deal with other people’s opinions and disagreements
    • How to calm a tense situation
  • Living Fearlessly!
    • How to face your fears of mucking up
    • Why NOT feeling good is the way to success
  • Lessons for Success in EVERYTHING
    • Learn what drives everything you do
    • How we (mis)understand each other
  • Procrastination Extermination
    • Overcome procrastination easily
    • Overcome yuk life experiences (without having to re-live them)
  • Stress Less – Achieve More
    • The secret formula to manage your emotions better
    • How to overcome anxiety
  • My Life. My Way
    • How our beliefs and the role we play in our family shape us
    • How to breaking out of the mould to have the life you want for you
  • Walking the Tightrope – Balancing Study, Work & Life
    • What creates imbalance in the first place, and how to change it
    • Simple ways to deal with ‘terminal seriousness’
  • Success Planning for Students
    • Creating a compelling vision of your future
    • Produce your own personal vision board to make it happen

**SUPER thanks to Brock Stoke Community Events Coordinator at UniLodge South Bank Brisbane for help with re-naming these workshops to make them more ‘student-friendly’

We help young people overcome problems like:

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