Anita is a Confidence and Performance Mindset Coach who actually gives a crap

Anita works with people that have lost their confidence, which for many plays out in different ways – shyness, limiting beliefs, stage fright, ranting self talk, grief, people pleasing, anxiety and even phobias, trauma and depression…

She loves seeing her clients grow, expand and live the purpose-driven meaningful lives that they have always dreamed of having, rather than leading those mediocre lives of quiet desperation.

Anita has been there – shy as a kid and teen and left feeling a broken shell after a marriage breakdown, she embraced personal development as a way to re-create herself. She found that although counselling/psychology got her out of the immediate ‘funk’ of depression, there was no future focus – just a constant dredging up the past ‘how did that make you feel’ merry-go-round.

That’s why she loves coaching so much – the focus on where to from here.  Even though most clients don’t have a crystal clear vision right away – she works together with them to create strategies that create profound self-awareness, phenomenal resilience and renewed self-esteem.

She finds that she is able to see more within her clients than they can see for themselves – as a true coach should.

She takes her work seriously, but always has fun with it.  Life is short after all, so why not have a laugh?

Anita is passionate about dance (especially Salsa and Bachata) and the connections, mental and physical benefits that it produces.  To help performers, she has produced an online program called ROCK IT to help all performers (dance, theatre, actors, models, sports people etc) create the mindset that will turn them into the Rock Stars that they are and to nail their performance, every single time.

She has helped people move on from grief and phobias that have been holding them back, banished negative self-talk and beliefs and created change in people that weren’t sure that they could, but really wanted to.

What Anita says

As a Confidence and Performance Mindset Coach, I specifically help people that might be feeling the effects of the ‘not good enoughs’ (which was my story for most of my life), the ‘I don’t belongs’ or the ‘I’m not loved or lovable’ which plays out in all kinds of ways that make it hard, (ok, impossible) to have a true meaningful and deep relationship with themselves and others.

I know that for me, I spent my life trying to make others happy (to my own detriment) and trying to impress others and feel good about myself with the charity work that I did.  I ended up burned out from more than one job and had a never-ending ground hog day of the same type of people coming through my life that I thought needed to be rescued (by me of course) and then wondered why my life was not where I wanted it to be… and sometimes was even a bit ‘sucky’.

It was really only when I started working with a coach that I felt empowered enough to realise that my stuff was actually MINE, and that if I didn’t make changes, then nothing would ever change, even though at the time I had no idea HOW to make it happen (luckily for me though, my coach did!).

I still get regular coaching, because I believe that there is always more to unravel, more layers of my personal onion to peel back.  For years I tried the cha cha solo of personal development.  Try something… one step forward.  Totally mess it up… 2 (or 10) steps back.  Then wait a long time before you try again, for fear of the ’10 step back slide’.

For me, having a coach has meant that I’ve experienced vastly accelerated personal growth; mostly because they don’t have the attachment to my internal garbage as what I do, and they have the skills to guide me through the process of dealing with it in ways that I could never do by myself…

It’s true what they say that we never ask ourselves that hard questions…  I do it everyday for my legends [clients], but asking those same questions of myself… you’ve got to be joking right!

I’ve shed heaps of tears in the process of uncovering new layers and discovered a whole new version of me that I like so much more…  for me, that’s what confidence is all about – truly loving who you are.


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Anita is so certain that she can help you that she offers a 100% money back guarantee for all of her services, provided that you show up and do what is agreed.

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