There’s fundraising opportunities?


As a former 15 year veteran of fundraising, I knew that there had to be a better way than peddling chocolates around the neighbours, continually hitting up work colleagues and generally contributing to obesity rates to achieve fundraising targets… I wanted something that actually contributed to society.

So now as a Confidence & Performance Mindset Coach (and my own boss) I decided that there truly was a better option…

I decided to make my online courses available as fundraising tools for you…

How does it work?

Great question!

Well for a start, how does 50% of the course fee back to you sound?

What about no collecting, collating and counting cash and coins?

And how about no need to do the pre-order guess work, make the risky pre-payment, then take more time out to receive, distribute and deliver?

And how awesome will it be to receive online updates and then cash direct to your bank account at the end of the campaign?

I know it sounds too good to be true… Honestly, this is something like what I dreamed of when I was doing all of those things through my 15 year fundraising slog. Which is why I want you to be able to access this too.  Cos you’ve got much better things to be doing with your time, right? (like time to decompress and relax).

So I wanted to create something that was not only super easy, but also risk-free, where there are no pre-order hassles, no stock to run out of (and therefore missed fundraising opportunities), no storing boxes of anything and most of all, no sweet treats get sucked into when you’re tired, hungry and stressed (which is pretty much all of the time, yeh?).

So I created 4 different fundraising campaigns to choose from.  And you can choose to offer 1, 2, 3 or all 4 as part of your fundraising mix…

Or run them as 4 different campaigns over time, creating even better long-term results for you…

The campaigns combine the best of fundraising with the best of personal development for everyone – win-win-win-win (your students – your fundraising results – your community – your sanity!)

The fundraising campaigns are run through an online platform basically like an affiliate program, except the ‘product’ is confidence and performance mindset programs.

Over the last 5 years since I left fundraising (totally burned out), I’ve changed careers and re-trained as a Confidence & Performance Mindset Coach.  Since then I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of people over thousands of hours.  What I noticed is that similar themes kept appearing, so I personally created four online programs based on these themes, so that more people can start living better, happier, more confident lives.

Many of those thousands of hours have been spent with dancers and dance teachers dealing with challenges of self-confidence, and as a Latin dancer myself, I know how debilitating those confidence challenges can be.

It’s these four online programs that I want to share as fundraising campaigns, because:

  • there is a real need in our community to build better, more resilient humans
  • I know how hard and time consuming ‘traditional’ fundraising is
  • I wished I had something easy (that had more lasting benefit than a momentary sugar rush)

So I’m delighted to introduce the four programs/campaigns:

The 7 Day Secret Confidence Challenge ($47)

The great start point: a mini 7 day challenge to gently expand your comfort zone. Also perfect as a family activity over 7 weeks by do completing one lesson and Take Action Challenge per week!


The 4 Week Confidence Taster ($147)

This expands on the 7 Day Secret Confidence Challenge with more advanced learning, lessons and take action challenges. Also suitable as a family activity.


A Real-Time Goal Setting Workshop ($49)

A 2 part goal-setting and goal-getting workshop delivered in real time. No more excuses. Covers Personal, Things and Finance goals and includes useful information and worksheets about structuring to make your goals a reality and ways to make a vision board.

The ROCK IT Performance Confidence Mindset Course ($197)

This is the mindset course for the rest of us… the ones that wish we were more. Perfect for performing on any stage, including dance, sports, business, interviews, auditions, competitions etc.  This course teaches mindset principals that Olympic athletes use to make the difference to their performance.

For each of these programs sold under your URL or using your unique code, you receive 50% of the course cost back.  The courses can be sold anywhere in the world to anyone that has access to the internet.

What next?

Remember I said super simple… you visit this link to register.  Once I’ve received your application, I take a look to make sure you’re a genuine person (and not a robot) and I ‘accept’ your registration.

You’ll then receive an email with your unique URL (website link).  If you prefer, we can also create a unique code that can be used at registration.

With this URL, you then send it out to your parents with a blurb about what you want them to do.

I’ve also created some resources like posters that you can include your logo and your unique code.

You can also promote this easily through online social media channels with your unique URL as well, so that the more people share it with their friends, the more fundraising dollars you get in… and because it can be accessed anywhere in the world, someone who is a friend of a friend of a parent, living 1000’s of miles away on the other side of the world can still be supporting your fundraising efforts! Plus I’ve already created a bunch of social media posts that you can use…

This is a unique offering, so you won’t be fighting the chocolate fundraising fatigue battle any longer!

So what are you waiting for?


  • 50% of the course cost comes back to you for your fundraising
  • I designed this with 15 years of hard slog of fundraising behind me
  • I know that you have much better things to do with your time
  • Everything is pre-prepared to run this, you just schedule some social media posts and print up some pre-prepared posters (or send a link to the parents to share at work etc)
  • There is no stock to manage and no upfront orders or payments (people simply choose and pay for the course online through your unique link, then you get the reimbursement of 50% of the course cost at the end of your campaign)
  • Parents can do the courses for themselves or with their kids, which means more confident students and better parents to deal with (it’s gotta be worth it just for that, right?)
  • Registration is as simple as creating a basic account (name, email etc)

Next Steps

Once you’ve determined that this is the way forward, you register online as here an affiliate.

You’ll be notified by email once your application is approved, and then you’ll have access to all of the artwork, email templates etc so that you can start promoting the course to your students using your unique affiliate link.

If you need/prefer, a coupon code can be arranged for you as well.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, or if you prefer have a chat about how we can work together for mutual benefit, then book in a time here.



Anita van Rooyen

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